5 Tips for Making a Living Teaching English in Germany


5 Tips for Making a Living Teaching English in Germany

  • For a Freelance TEFL JoB in Germany

    If you are a freelancer, set your own rules and goals. Teaching English as a freelancer is not like a typical job in the USA. First and foremost, you are a freelancer. You have the right to set your schedule, negotiate pay, and work as you want. I work with multiple language schools and teach privately. You should be doing the same. There are other ways to make a comfortable living teaching English in Germany such as job contracts or working for a school. However, I work as a freelancer so I can’t comment too much on those.

  • It’s a Feast or Famine type of gig

    Be prepared for months where you feel rich and months where you earn significantly less. I have a special savings account just for emergencies.

  • Never Settle

    Always keep one eye on the job and one eye on future opportunities.  Find out which language schools are paying (the rate varies school to school and city to city), which language schools have a good culture and are supportive, and where you can make yourself feel at home (see the last point).

  • Make the job fun!

    The job can be tough at times so it’s important that you have fun with it. You have to travel from site to site and do a lot of work outside of the classroom. Find ways to make the classes more fun by adding activities that are fun for yourself and for the students.  Sometimes I enjoy bringing in games to finish the last 10 or 15 minutes of a class session or making vocabulary challenges for the students.

  • Establish your TEFL Homebase

    Find yourself a “home school”. I teach for multiple language schools. In fact, it is important that you don’t put all your eggs in one basket. I have seen both trainers and language schools come and go. It’s important to network as much as you can. Also by finding a home school with great culture, friendship, and support, it will help with any homesickness that you might feel and provide a feeling of security.

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