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Teaching at Language Schools

This is probably the fastest way to build contacts and find work teaching English in Germany. When I first started, I did a Google search for language schools in Wuppertal. Then I searched for language schools in nearby cities. After that, I made an excel document. Unfortunately, after my hard drive crashed I lost the document or else I would post it here as an example. (I made a post about this here.)

But basically, you just need to create a list with several rows listing the language school, location, phone number, email address and if they are currently looking for trainers. Just a quick note – Any school that was looking for trainers was highlighted in yellow on my list. I contacted a few of them immediately and saved the rest for future purposes.

Private Clients

You can make more teaching privately. However, you have to first find private clients which can be quite a challenging task for new English teachers in Germany. The best tip I can give for this is to use the local classifieds. There are websites where you can post advertisements for free. I recommend using the Ebay Kleinanzeigen (

Just make sure you consider things like travel time, lesson preparation, and course materials as you set your prices. I would also look to see what other certified TEFL trainers in your area are charging.


Network with other English trainers in your area. At first, this might be difficult. However, you will find other English trainers at language schools. After you get to know them, you can ask them (privately – outside of the school) if they can recommend other places to teach. You will often hear stories as well.

I also want to mention that I have made great friends from teaching English at language schools in Germany.

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