My First Day Teaching English in Germany

My First Day Teaching English in Germany

My First Day of Teaching English in Germany

My first day teaching English in Germany – a day I will never forget. It was at a company with about eight students. I was so nervous. The “big boss” from one of the language schools that I contract with came with me to introduce the course. He gave his speech in German and I only understood about three or four words – one of them was “Arbeitslos” which means unemployed.  I came to realize later that he was only making a joke and actually gave me a great introduction, but at the time this only made me MORE NERVOUS!

So after his introduction, he said something like: “Okay. Have fun!” and then left. Then all of the students went silent and looked at me. This was quite scary. I felt like I was standing center in the stage of a large audience and had forgotten all my lines. I remember thinking to myself I have to do something and something fast. So I stood up, smiled, and introduced myself. I talked about my experiences, where I’m from, and how excited I am to be here teaching English. I then shifted and focused on the book and began my first lesson. In the end, I connected quite well to the class and even friended a few of the students on Facebook.

But, starting out it was quite scary. When I meet new English trainers/teachers they often ask: “How do you prepare for your first lesson?” I suggest that they get a feeling for the lesson material (usually involves a book or two), try to prepare for potential questions, and most importantly – relax! The two key things that I have learned from teaching English is that you need to be both prepared (mentally and physically) and flexible.

I have a question for all of the other English trainers and teachers.
What was your first day like? Do you have a TEFL Job in Germany (or TEFL-related job)?

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  1. Sylvia Carrick

    My first day involved3 kids under the age of 2, although it was on the 9th January 1999( date burned in my mind), it was incredibly scary.
    They couldn’t really express themselves and I also had the mothers present too. Being that age it involved a lot of handicrafts and playing and only speaking English.
    Still friends on Facebook with 2 of the “children” and one of the parents, too.

    1. Chris Post author

      Hi Sylvia,

      Thanks for commenting on my blog! I just want to say that I can relate to a scary first start. Although mine was with older folks, I still felt very nervous. But I think it’s great that you stayed in contact with the family.


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