Interview: Nick P. (German Grocery Store Clerk)

Interview: Nick P. (German Grocery Store Clerk)

Nick P. German Grocery Store Clerk


You went to the States last April (2017). What were some of the differences that you noticed between Germany and the United States of America?

People in the US tend to be friendlier and everything is bigger – even the ants! I also noticed that the sounds were different. It’s a bit hard to explain, but there were a few sounds that were different. At times, this was a bit irritating because the birds made weird noises (to me, anyway).


What did you love the most? What did you hate the most?

What I loved the most? Can I say everything? I loved the way how Americans did things – how they drove their cars, their architecture, the size of everything, and how friendly everyone was.

I think I hate the health system in the US. I also don’t like the “tipping thing”. I think the idea of tipping is weird because servers should just earn a fair salary (in my opinion).


Now, you work at a grocery store in Germany. What were your impressions of the grocery stores in the US?

They are HUGE!  I mean like, incredibly huge. Everything was bigger – the marketing, the boxes, the parking spaces, the shelves, and the products.  I was also surprised by how clean everything was. In addition, the aisles were not only clean, but very well organized. I also liked that I could get a few pharmaceutical products like aspirin (for example).

Finally, I have to say that I loved how easy-going the cashiers were. They were slow and friendly.

(Personal Note from Chris: This reminded me of a blog post where I wrote about how Germans essentially throw your items.)


Do you wish you could change anything about the grocery stores in Germany?

I would love to see more variety in our grocery stories. I also think that the cashiers in Germany could slow down a bit. When I need to work as a cashier in our store, I sometimes get the idea that we stress out the customers due to our speedy check-out policies.


If you could give Americans looking to move to Germany one tip before the moved, what would you give them? (Or maybe for Americans looking to take a vacation in Germany…)
Open your mind. There are a lot of things that you can see and learn from Germany. Also, be respectful.

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